Problems, comments or questions about Clinical

We want to hear from you! If you are looking for a new feature or have some suggestions about ways Clinical can be better, please drop us an email at

Despite all of our best efforts, bugs are an inescapable part of software engineering. At StopWatch Media, we appreciate appreciate your patience in resolving technical issues, and will make every effort to get Clinical running smoothly on your device. However, before contacting us, please try a few standard steps to get your application up and running.

Reinstall Clinical

Try reinstalling the app to your device using the following series of steps:

  • Delete Clinical from your iPhone or iPod Touch. Since the application is part of your iTunes purchase history, you will not need to purchase it a second time.
  • Reboot your device. To reboot your device, hold the Home button and the Sleep button down at the same time and wait for the Apple logo to appear. This will take over 10 seconds and is different than merely turning off your phone. For detailed instructions, see the "Reset iPhone" instructions on Apple's Troubleshooting Assistant
  • Re-install Clinical from either iTunes or the App Store application.
  • If all else fails, try following Apple's official App Store Troubleshooting Instructions which you can see on the Apple support site.

Hopefully that will be enough to get you going. If not, you will need to send us your crash logs so we can debug things for you and include a fix in a future version.

Send us your crash logs

If the above re-install procedure is unsuccessful, please send us your crash logs by following these steps:

  • Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone or iPod Touch
  • Find your crash log. It can be difficult to find, so you will need to look around a bit. Technical documentation from Apple is available from here, but in short you're looking for one or more files similar to

    in one of the following locations
  • Mac OS X:
  • Windows XP:
    C:\Documents and Settings\<USERNAME>\Application Data\Apple Computer\Logs\CrashReporter\MobileDevice\<DEVICE_NAME>
  • Windows Vista:
    C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\Logs\CrashReporter\MobileDevice\<DEVICE_NAME>

Once you have your crash files, please send them to us via email at and we'll get back to you promptly.

Thank you!

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